Monday, September 27, 2010

Consortium - Rebirth (1975) - UK Hard Psych Progressive Rock

About : At the time 'Rebirth' was recorded back in 1975, Consortium were one of the hardest working groups on the circuit. A popular attraction at the packed London venues of this period, the group consisted of experienced musicians who had been familiar faces on the scene for close on a decade playing with various other bands and recording countless sessions. With the onset of the Punk era the band became disillusioned with the music business and so along with the disappointment of being let down by RCA, the album was shelved. Although they have not worked together as a band since 1980, they occasionally get together musically and remain firm friends to this day. 

My words: This album is one of albums that I barely could find on outskirts of Internet. It's ultimately rare and it's been worth the time I spend on getting it. These UK hard proggers with psych feel first start as Beatlesque-group with name "West Coast Consortium", which listening to this album is really hard to imagine, but there's few their earlier tracks on Youtube, so check it out if you're fan of Beatles. Title track opens with Eloy-ish feel throughout whole song. Lyrics are hippie themed, about new life, love, peace and understanding. "It Was You" continues in hard rock manner, with great vocals and guitar supporting. Vocal capabilites of Robbie Legat are astounding. If you wondered why's there "psych" prefix along with hard and prog genre title, you'll get ensure in "Hold On Tightly". Tune has great San Fran-sound, with guitars mixing with each other, creating perfect trippy sound. After high-pichted vocal intro on "It's Up To You", action starts rolling. Awesome rhythm pumps up and keeps things in right place, and awesome vocal just heats things, while guitar runs around with great riffs. My favorite track, "It's Not Easy", that become famous after being added up on soundtrack of Transworld's "And Now" skate video, is everything that you greedy ears wants to hear. Bass tone is like most perfect rhythm tone you can get, with drums packing up the rhythm  with hard rock-awesomeness. Guitar riffs are brilliantly shaped to keep you warm to big climax - chorus. It's slower than rest of the song, but it's proper peak of the song, with again great vocals that sung well-written lyrics. Solo is entwinded with last chorus and it's one of best guitar works you'll hear on this damn album. "For Me To Forgive" is another quality track that starts slowly - but highlight of this track is mindblowing solo from Brian Parker, it's indeed one of best solo's I've heard for past few months - seriously MINDBLOWING ! I love how he poured emotion AND brilliant technic in this solo. It's like Comfortably Numb from beloved Pink Floyd - starts slowly, relaxing, but after solo you're life's changed. "Stop (Look At Me)" is fast and short rock and roll tune. There's feel of early Rolling Stones in rhtythm, but again like in previous song - there's awesome solo to come. Now's time for one lengthy song - "She Gave Life" - that clocks beyond 8 minutes - and it's most epic track on this album. From beggining easy, proggy sound to dark, Black Sabbatish sound after 2:30. Song is probably dedicated to songwriters mother, with inspiring lyrics. Rest of song is jamming with Uriah Heep vocals and groovy guitar licks throwing here 'n there. I don't have to mention this, because I already told tales about guitar solos and Brian Parker's talent - but again, this is solo is so mindblowing my ears are bleeding out of awesomeness! From dark feel of previous song, here's fast turnover - "I Want You" is crossover between vocals of The Beach Boys and beat of The Guess Who. If you've been asking "What happened to acoustic guitar on this album?" ask no more, because next is partly based on acoustic guitar riff. In the middle of the song, there's little twist - rhythm begins to sound jazzy with ingeniously Brian P. covers up things. Although this album needs atleast one only-acoustic guitar tune, this is nearest you can get. But I don't mind, as long as they're filling album with awesome tunes like this, I'm satisfied. I'm so satisfied with this album that this is probably one of my longest reviews. "I'm Dying" with fully rock-n-roll intro gets to it's mellower part after sudden rush. But it's only last during singing in first verse when it's rushes on another rock and roll madness hour during chorus. Not to mention that crazy Parker on guitar. Anyhow, at first I download this album only to get few songs I knew before, but I didn't expect this utterly epicness from this forgotten band. I must say I'm amazed and this is one of my best albums I reviewed so far on this blog. RECOMMENDED TO ANY HUMAN BEING THAT EVER HEADBANGED TO ROCK AND ROLL.

+ultimate rarity
+I became instant follower of Brian Parker guitar work - one of most underrated guitarists
+great blend of hard rock, prog rock, blues rock and psych rock in one place
- I really can't find any downer for this band

Cover Art: 6/10 - Regular band photo with op art background. This album would be SO badass if they had some cool arty cover, it would left that badass feel finish. I hate when band is so talented that they could make best album ever and they screw up with this lousy album cover.
Hard Rock sound: 9/10
Progressive Rock sound: 7/10
Psychedelic Rock sound: 4/10
Trip-o-meter: 7,5/10
Recommended tracks: It's Not Easy, For Me To Forgive, She Gave Life, Hold On Tightly, I'm Dying


  1. Very good lp many thanks for the share.

  2. Check out Consortium's '13th Hour' album....AWESOME!!!!

  3. Yeah, I heard title track on YT and it sounds damn amazing! It's their reunion album, I'll upload it and review it as soon as I can :)

  4. This is so good,how did this band not become huge.
    I also checked out Consortium's 13th HOUR album,it is brilliant. Such good musicians and the singer has such a great voice...

  5. We use to see them play every Saturday night in the Prince of Wales, Tottenham Awsome!!


  6. we used to play with them at the PRINCE OF WALES,in Tottenham, in band was 'BIG LADDER WOMAN'.....they were a great band and great blokes !!!
    Bob Sawyer (later in IRON MAIDEN)