Sunday, November 20, 2011

Buffalo Killers - 3 (2011) - USA Folky Neopsychedelic Rock

About : Buffalo Killers is a rock trio from Cincinnati, Ohio, consisting of Zach Gabbard, Andy Gabbard, and Joey Sebaali. The group was formed by three ex-members of Thee Shams, who broke up in 2006. While Thee Shams may have been classified as Garage Rock with a Southern Rock influence, Buffalo Killers place more emphasis on structured songwriting and lyrics that deviate from the typical Blues Rock topics.

From left to right : Andy Gabbard (guitar), Zach Gabbard (bass, vocals), Joey Sebbali (drums)

My words : So, the other day, I was cruising the net and stumble upon yet-unheard song from Buffalo Killers called "Huma Bird". I checked it out and I fell in love with it at the first listen. Things like that don't happen so easy, especially now when I checked out almost half of 60s and 70s recorded rock and roll stuff - you gotta be really good to satisfy my taste. This Huma Bird is like fresh air in stale room of today's rock n' roll - and it's totally leaning on legends as The Guess Who, James Gang, Led Zeppelin (on III album) and such. Just pure high quality folky psych rock here. Next one is heaviest stuff on album, "Circle Day", furious blues for your headbang-duties :) First thing you'll notice is ofcourse catchy riff and far out lyrics that go very well with the song. It's interesting how they change their sound from another-ass-kicking-rock-band-on-the-scene to the soothing-sound-of-love-and-rock-and-roll, similar to what happened to Led Zeppelin. To prove this sentence, two very far out tunes are coming your way : "Mountain Sally" and "Spend My Last Breath", latter being one of top songs here. On "Lily Of The Valley" you can hear nice organ with catchy chorus. On a first listen , all these relaxing songs (that makes 80% of album) kinda sounded the same, but you'll find that there's whole small world within every song, you just have to sit and listen it a few times. "Jon Jacob", as Huma Bird, got me on a first listen with great riff and vocal combination. Jon Jacob, it sounds so catchy, sounds like some folk singer's alter ego, like Bob Dylan. I love how you can feel atmosphere of this song, get inside and feel so comfy. Like you can sit on your sofa and chill out, that's what this song's like. "All Turn To Cloud" is another great acoustic tune, I love their feel for songwriting - whole song seems so strong but yet so gentle. On last few songs, they remind me of Allman Brothers Band, or maybe even more of 31st of February, Duane and Gregg's folk band that had been active before they formed Allmans. "Take Your Place" will grown on you very quickly - their folky harmonies and steel guitar is a winning combination for this one. Verse and chorus progression is great, sounds like a song you'd love to sing while riding Ken Kesey's Further.  "Time Was Shaping" is another proof that Zach Gabbard's voice is almost identical to Joe Walsh's - one could easily mix them up. This is solid garagey-southern rock tune, offering old vibes played on new guitars. "Move On" is just-alright, with nice connecting riff between verse and chorus. Organ solo is definately thing to highlight - it's been a while since I heard so much organ on an album from a new band. "Everyone Knows It But You" is in the same time signature as almost every other tune on the album, but it stills delivers something fresh to the whole album, however, it sounds like another try or a take of already present song on this album. This tune didn't really grown on me, I'll give it few more listens but I think it won't change pretty much. "Could Never Be" is most trippy tune on album, with psychedelic intro with jazzy influence and slow progression of the song. I love lengthy solo at the end, really makes full circle around the album, leaving nothing unsaid. I'd love they had made more jams and lengthy solos in other tunes, but this album is made to chill out, with a headband or two - and to revive sweet spirit of rock and roll :) HIGHLY recommended to fans of neospychedelic rock and bands such as James Gang, Blue Cheer, The Guess Who, Led Zeppelin, Free, Buffalo Springfield and other.

+wonderful revival album of early 70s rock and roll
+Buffalo Killers are getting better with every album
-sometimes repetitive ideas for songs

Cover Art : 8,5/10 - Although I love when there's million trippy details on a cover, I really love simple and minimalistic cover art for 3. It describes their music so well - head of a buffalo, painted in a simple and purified way talks about turn to a more acoustic and folky approach than a heavy-fuzz killing of previous albums.
Psychedelic Rock sound : 5/10
Folk Rock sound : 8,5/10
Rock 'n Roll sound : 6,5/10
Trip-o-meter : 6,5/10
Recommended tracks : Huma Bird, Jon Jacob, Spend My Last Breath, Circle Day, Take Your Place

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